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General Terms and Conditions of the site and its online store

Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully before using the site or placing an order through our online store. If you use the site or proceed to submit an order for a product of your choice, you are deemed to accept and agree to these General Terms and Conditions. This document contains the current General Terms and Conditions at the moment and any change in its version is noted at the end of the document.


Art. 1. These General Terms and Conditions aim to regulate and regulate all relationships between “Bulcanna Cosmetics OOD”, hereinafter referred to as “SUPPLIER”, on the one hand, and the persons using the website with the internet address and the electronic store attached to it, hereinafter for short “USERS” on the other hand.

Art. 2. When you visit, browse, use or shop on this site and the e-shop, as well as by pressing any object, link or button located on the pages with the Internet address, with the exception of the referring link to these general conditions, it is considered that you agree, fully accept and undertake to comply with the general conditions described below. “Bulcanna Cosmetics OOD” reserves the right to change these conditions at any time and on any occasion, and if you continue to use the site after such a change, this is considered as consent and acceptance of the changed conditions. These General Terms and Conditions are fully compliant with the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria and the European Union. The general terms and conditions are published in a prominent place and are accessible to every user.


Art. 3. Providing the necessary information according to the Electronic Commerce Act and the Consumer Protection Act:

  1. Name of SUPPLIER: “Bulcanna Cosmetics OOD”
  2. Headquarters and address of management: Bulgaria, Varna, Primorski Park, 479 Saltanat St., floor 1, office 1.3
  3. Address for exercising the activity and address for submitting complaints by users: Bulgaria, Varna, Primorski Park, 479 Saltanat St., floor 1, office 1.3
  4. Contact details and correspondence: Bulgaria, Varna, Primorski Park, 479 Saltanat St., floor 1, office 1.3
  5. Entry in public registers: EIK 205837092
  6. Supervisors:

Commission for the Protection of Personal Data: Sofia, “Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov” No. 2, phone: (02) 940 20 46, fax: (02) 940 36 40, email:,, website:

Consumer Protection Commission: Sofia, Slaveykov Square №4A, floors 3, 4 and 6, phone: 02 / 980 25 24, fax: 02 / 988 42 18, hotline: 0700 111 22, website:

Commission for the Protection of Competition

7. Registration under the Value Added Tax Act: BGBG205837092.


Art. 4. The concepts and definitions described below used in these General Terms and Conditions have the following meaning:

“SELLER” is the website, which is owned by “Bulcanna Cosmetics OOD” and serves as a virtual platform for the sale of goods. The seller is the person with whom the Users conclude a contract for the distance sale of specific goods in the electronic store.

“USERS” are able-bodied persons who have agreed to these General Terms and Conditions in connection with the application and purchase of the goods offered in the electronic store.

“ONLINE STORE” is the website, which serves as a virtual platform for offering goods for sale and for reaching an agreement between the SELLER and USERS for ordering and buying and selling a specific good (item).

“Bulcanna Cosmetics OOD” is a commercial company registered in the commercial register at the Registration Agency under the number BG205837092, with registered office and address of management and correspondence address: Bulgaria, Varna, Primorski Park, 479 Saltanat Street, floor 1, office 1.3, which creates and maintains the electronic store, offers and sells goods in the store and determines the present General Terms and Conditions under which the goods are sold. “Bulcanna Cosmetics OOD” has full rights to unilaterally change the content of the website and the electronic store, as well as the methods of access to it.

“ORDER” is the request made by the Users to the electronic store for the purchase of one or more specific goods (items). The order is packed and sent by courier to the address previously specified in the Order by the Users, after it has been approved by e-mail or phone. Email approval is done by sending a confirmation email.

“SALE AGREEMENT” is the contract for the purchase and sale of goods between the Seller and the Users concluded remotely through this electronic store. 

“COURIER” is a trader who physically delivers the purchased goods to the address specified by the User and works under the requirements of the Postal Services Act.


Art. 5. The Seller processes and takes measures to protect the personal data of the Users in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act. Users agree that the Seller has the right to process their personal data in connection with the use of the services of In order to serve and fulfill your orders, it is necessary to accept the following data: personal names, gender, valid email address, contact phone number, date of birth, physical delivery address, possible preferences or comments, invoice address, external identifier.

It is possible that the specified categories of personal data may also be requested in the event of an inquiry to us in connection with the exercise of your rights.

The data that the Seller receives when placing an order or browsing the pages will be used only for the service of the Users – acceptance and fulfillment of orders, contact with the Users in case of problems related to the order and improvement of the service of the electronic store. The seller guarantees that this data will not be provided in any form to third parties or used for purposes other than those described above.


Art. 6. Browsing the e-store is completely free and accessible. 

Art. 7. The User’s registration on the site is not necessary. The user can use the site, place an order or ask questions through the known contact form without having created a profile for the purpose.

Art. 8. The customer undertakes to fill in the necessary details when submitting each individual order. 

Art. 9. For each product, the corresponding final price, main characteristics of the product and additional information aimed at supporting an informed choice during purchase are indicated and written on the individual presentation page. All prices on this site include VAT and do not include delivery charges. Delivery prices are listed separately and represent the delivery price of the specific courier company with which we have a delivery contract.


Art. 10. The User can place orders in the Electronic Store by adding the desired Goods for purchases, following the indicated steps. Then complete and submit the relevant Order. Ordering goods means express consent to enter into a distance sales contract, which is governed by the Consumer Protection Act.

Art. 11. Any Product added to the Cart can be purchased if it is available. Adding the Product to the Shopping Cart without completing the Order does not lead to the registration of the order and the automatic saving of the Product.

Art. 12. To place an order, the User must specify:

1.   a valid email address

2.   correctly filled in address for delivery of the goods and address for invoicing

3.   correctly completed contact details – two names, phone

Art. 13. Upon successfully placing an order, the User receives confirmation of the order by e-mail to the e-mail address specified by him. The e-mail confirmation indicates the ordered goods, the order number, the date on which it was made. If further clarification of the order data is necessary, the same is done by phone, but we do not accept orders by phone, and only provide assistance for its successful sending through the electronic store.

Art. 14. The Seller has the right to refuse to fulfill (cancel) the order placed by the User in the following cases, for all of which the Seller must notify the User:

1.   if the product or products that the User wishes to order are not available

2.   if the issuing bank of the User does not accept the transaction for online payment

3.   carrying out a monetary transaction that does not result in funds being credited to the Seller’s account for online payments

4.   the data provided in the e-shop is incorrect or incompleteorders are accepted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

5.   the working hours of the e-shop consultants are: from Monday to Friday: from 8.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.


Art. 15. By sending an order confirmation, the automated system of the electronic store notifies the User by e-mail about the successfully accepted order. The User hereby agrees to pay the value of the products selected by him and the value of the transport costs.

Art. 16. After an order has been checked and processed by the e-store consultants, the User receives an email that the order processing has been completed.

Art. 17. The delivery is made to the precisely specified address of the User.

Art. 18. If the User does not provide access and conditions for delivery of the goods or goods to the specified address within the specified period, the seller is released from the obligation to fulfill the requested delivery.


Art. 19. The prices of the goods are in BGN with VAT included. Prices are shown without shipping cost, which you will find out before completing your order. 

Art. 20. Payment for orders can be made by: cash payment to the courier upon delivery or by debit/credit card

Art. 21. The User has the right to receive an invoice for the value of the order. For this purpose, it is necessary to specify all the necessary data and request it when placing an order through the electronic store. An invoice can be issued no later than 5 days from the date of the order.


Art. 22. The user can return the products purchased from the electronic store within 14 days from the date of purchase under the following conditions: 

1.   The products must be in their original packaging

2.   There should be no signs of use, impaired appearance or staining

3.   The original invoice or order with which the User received the products must be included (with the order, the User receives an accompanying document – a receipt for payment upon delivery/by cash on delivery/or an invoice upon request);

4.   The costs of returning the products are borne by the User.

5.   All amounts are refunded within 14 days of the date we receive the return products back to our address

6.   Address for returning products: Bulgaria, Varna, Primorski, g.k. Primorski Park, 479 Saltanat St., floor 1, office 1.3

Art. 23. Complaints and questions If you have any questions, complaints or comments, please contact us directly at +359 888 749 459 to discuss them.


The site and the electronic store contain images, pictures, texts, documents, databases, programs and other information that are the copyright and property of “Bulcanna Cosmetics OOD” and are protected by the Copyright Act and related rights. Reproduction, distribution, modification, public display, etc. of part or all of the content of the site, which are the subject of intellectual property, is prohibited and will be prosecuted according to the law, unless there is an express written consent of “Bulcanna Cosmetics OOD” for the respective type of use.

XI PRODUCT INFORMATION Information about the products on the site and in the e-shop should in no way be used for diagnosis, treatment or prevention of diseases or health problems.


The supervisory body for the protection of consumer rights in Bulgaria is the Commission for Consumer Protection with address: 1000 Sofia, “Slaveikov” square #4A, floors 3, 4 and 6; phone: (02) 980 25 24; fax: (02) 988 42 18; hotline: 0879881572 ; website: In case of disputes regarding obligations arising from online sales contracts, where no agreement has been reached, the User may refer the dispute to the bodies for alternative resolution of consumer disputes (ARC) under the conditions and in accordance with Article 181a et seq. of the Civil Code. Additional information on the alternative resolution of consumer disputes is provided on the website of the Commission for Consumer Protection at and on the online dispute resolution platform ORS.

These General Terms and Conditions have been accepted by the manager of “Bulkana Cosmetics OOD” and the last change in them is from 12.06.2023

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